Personalised Face Yoga practice

£57 (90 min)

  • Introduction to Face Yoga,
  • Diagnostics of the skin and ageing types, definition of the target facial areas (30min),
  • Individual Face Yoga practice (60 min). It includes warm up of the body and joints, facial massage, facial practices for the target areas, elements of Kundalini Yoga, relaxation & meditation,
  • Video recording of the Face Yoga session.

Follow up Face Yoga practice

£47 (45 min)

  • Individual Face Yoga practice (45 min),
  • Video recording of the Face Yoga session.

Block of 3 follow ups

£119 (45 min each)

Face Yoga Booking - prices are valid until December 31st, 2023

How does it work?

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I qualified as a Face Yoga teacher in 2021 with Ecotelo. Its unique Face Yoga course is full of insights, including face and body anatomy, energy centres, healthy nutrition and facial treatments along with extensive teaching experience.

Face Yoga became a fabulous tool for me and my family that makes feel younger and energised, helps prevent or heal headaches and inflammation in the respiratory tract. It’s absolutely amazing how much Face Yoga has to offer!

You are most welcome to book your personalised Face Yoga session and start your journey to optimal health, beauty and confidence!

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  • All services are strictly confidential, based on a non-judgemental partnership and a relationship of trust.
  • The client and the health coach sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the start of the first session, it applies to all subsequent sessions.
  • Your data will be kept for 7 years in accordance with the EU GDPR regulation.