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The global pandemic's legacy, reflected in the WHO concerning life expectancy trends, has influenced all of us. Organisations are facing a number of challenges as they seek to rebuild and get back to pre-pandemic levels of profitability. Staff engagement is particularly challenging, and ‘the great resignation’, a term put forward by academic Anthony Klotz, has become an HR idiom.

Experts speak of the need to rehabilitate from the emotional and mental trauma caused by the pandemic and other distressful events in the world and the need to recognise that our emotional, mental and health reserves can be depleted.

Evolution is an upwards spiral, so there is no coming back to pre-pandemic environment. Volatility, complexity and health considerations are now the norm in many industries. The accelerated move to virtual or hybrid working environments with reduced face time overall and high reliance on screen time can make it challenging for managers to track staff wellbeing.

Though, in any circumstances there are new opportunities to engage and motivate your employees.

Health & Wellbeing coaching can be hugely advantageous to your staff and to your organisation as a whole. At employee's level it can improve health awareness and habits, prevent burnouts and some diseases, enhance immunity, mindset and motivation. Organisations would benefit from reduction in sick leaves and health related payments, and improvement in staff presence and performance. It can also enhance employers’ attractiveness on the marketplace.

As an employer, one of the most caring and considerate things you can do for your staff right now, is to offer one-to-one or group Health & Wellbeing coaching as part of your wellness offering.

Contact IntegrallyHealthyU directly to tailor the offering to your organisation's specific needs and make your employees experience most healthy and enjoyable.

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