Face Yoga is a holistic practice within the PRO-AGE trend. It embraces the process of ageing to make it as healthy, graceful and pleasurable as possible, in which it differs from the Anti-AGE movement.

Face Yoga practice stimulates the blood and lymph circulation to deliver vital nutrients and remove wastes from the skin and muscles of the face, neck and shoulders. It also activates subcutaneous lipid layers, muscles and nerves in the face and the body triggering collagen production and improving skin firmness.

Face Yoga contributes into natural health and beauty rejuvenation as a pleasurable addition to healthy nutrition and lifestyle.


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How do Face Yoga sessions work?

  • The initial personalised Face Yoga session is 90 minutes to allow for a review of your skin health and beauty concerns and to elaborate an individual program. It includes the first personalised Face Yoga lesson.
  • The follow up session is 45 minutes and focuses on your target areas, your senses and your energy flow.
  • The sessions can be recorded for your further practice and take place on-line (Zoom) or in person (upon preliminary agreement).
  • It is recommended to practice Face Yoga daily and have several follow up sessions to adjust your movements for optimum beauty results.

Face Yoga practice, along with nutritional adjustments, is set to enhance your natural beauty, health and confidence through a range of delightful techniques.


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Start taking care of your face, body & mind today to benefit from a healthy and joyful life!