Health Coaching focuses on your health while helping you understand how other areas of your life influence it. It is used within both conventional and functional medicine.

Health Coaching is a collaboration with an expert in health and in coaching, who can help you to make an inventory of your past and present health and lifestyle habits to adjust them to achieve your optimal health.

  • The initial session is 2 hours and includes:

  • Outlining of your ‘wheel-of-life’ to realise what areas need a better balance,

  • Full review of your bodily systems, your and your family's medical history, the medications and supplements you take, diet, sleep, exercise, stress levels, the main symptoms you want to improve,

  • Initial recommendations and a mutually validated Action Plan (sent out within 3 working days).

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  • Follow up session is 45 minutes. It includes a review of your progress and any necessary adjustments to the Action Plan. It is recommended to review changes in your body functions within three monthly follow-up sessions to ensure the best outcome. However, the intervals between the sessions and their number can be customised.

  • Your Health Coach is to ensure you can change your habits by keeping you focused on the agreed Action Plan, motivated and satisfied with your progress. Gaining your optimal health, beauty and confidence should be an enjoyable experience after all!


Health Coach Diploma

Health Coaching requires a mutual commitment and a strong desire to improve your health and wellbeing, and IntegrallyHealthyU is here to help!