Born in Ukraine, I studied Economics in Paris. I eventually moved to London, where worked in financial services. After over a decade of demanding international project management in the highly pressured environment of the City of London, numerous business trips, combined with a family with young children, I experienced an insomnia-inducing hormonal imbalance and a subsequent burnout.

A lack of solutions offered by the conventional medicine, led me to put aside my career in banking, to begin exploring the human physiology and to study at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), London, UK.

The knowledge in Biomedicine, Biochemistry and Nutrition, along with my rebalanced diet and a variety of holistic practices, shaped my journey to recovery and helped my family to become healthier and have more energy every day.

I'm eager to share my savoir-faire to help you with your health concerns and devotedly work by your side to achieve your optimum health!

Silhouette of businesswoman with landscapes on background, double exposure. Lives in megapolis but needs to find herself face to face with nature. Dreams about mental balance. Psycology, eco concept.

As a mother of two active children, I understand the numerous challenges women face and their impact on health, wellbeing and appearance. Hence, in my clinic I focus on stress management, reproductive health, healthy ageing and beauty for women aged 35 to 55 and beyond.

I am qualified as a CNM Health Coach (2022) and am in year 3 of the CNM Naturopathic Nutrition diploma. I am also a Face Yoga teacher (2021) and a Shakti Power Yoga teacher (2011).